Pluie, septembre 2020 (recto/verso)

Cyanotype, eau de pluie. 

Visuel réalisé pour Fragmenté de Marc Merza 

“Marie Clerel, a good friend and artist based in Paris, did the artwork. Her practice of cyanotypes felt closely related to my work and she agreed to make an original for the single. She wrote to me that the cyanotype was “exposed to the morning sunlight then to the parisian rain in the evening (during one single day)”. I found this poetic with the meaning of “Fragmenté”. I often think about how my sonic explorations are closely tied to my interest in photography and printmaking and how my process reflects that. I am completely honored to collaborate in some way with Marie as we have known each other for nearly ten years and I have respected and adored her work throughout our friendship.” Marc Merza